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jewelry stores in italy

Italian jewelry industry is one of the major industries of the country. In Italy, a manufacturer of gold jewelry is. The competitors are India, China and Turkey, as a result of the economic crisis, the decline in sales of jewelry, Italian jewelry sales in 2552 decreased 2.2% compared to 2551, while raw material prices continue to rise. Gold jewelry has been popular. Italians of consumers, particularly gold, 18K (white, yellow and pink) is the most popular, followed by a 14K gold jewelry is still popular with a massage. Imitation jewelry demand continues to increase steadily. Because the manufacturers and designers present new models and innovations. Into the market regularly. With a very affordable price.

2. The importation. Current market demand for jewelry and artificial increases in the first 10 months of the year 2553 (M.c.-t.c.) the total value of U.S. $ 7546.6 million (+32.54%) goods imported to Italy. material is gold. Total import value of U.S. $ 3661.6 million (+26.29%) accounted for 48% of imports and import source. Switzerland. (Market share 40%), South Africa (17% market share) and France (11% market share) and the fragments that are not made of precious metal or metal clad with precious metal. Total import value of U.S. $ 918 million (+38.27%) accounted for 12% import sources include the U.S. (market share 48%), Switzerland (10% market share), UK (market share of 7%) product. jewelry made of gold and silver to the total value of U.S. $ 832 million (+50.54%), imports accounted for 11% of the input source and Switzerland (34% market share), France (market share 12%), Spanish (. 9% market share) and imitation jewelry including 276 million dollars worth of imports (+9.40%) accounted for 3% of imports, import sources are China, Austria and France. The market share of 42%, 19% and 9% respectively.
3. Thai exports to the Italian market. In 2553 the Thai gem and jewelry exports to Italy amounted to 176.06 million U.S. dollars, up 13.36% over the same period the previous year.
- Thai goods market share in Italy is ranked 14 (1.08% market share). - Export of Thai products, jewelry made of gold, the first is worth 141.45 million USD (+9.95%) 5.23% market share of Thai imports from Thailand, the fifth-largest source of imports, including Switzerland (38%). France (10%) and Spain (5%).
- Followed by a pebble to a total value of USD 13.19 million (+42.43%), Thailand has a market share of 36%, especially over the Royal Blue and Jade Joseph files imported from Thailand as a priority. The other source of imports, followed by India, Colombia and Sri Lanka respectively.
- Jewelry made of silver imported a total of $ 11.34 million (+5.86%), Thailand has a market share of 11% is imported from Thailand, the third largest. Other important sources of imports were China (25%) U.S. (14%).
- Artificial jewelry and imported U.S. $ 1.65 million (+9.12%), Thailand has a market share of 0.84% ​​and other import sources are China (42%), Austria (19%) and France (10%).
4. Trends in consumer behavior. - According to tradition, to buyers in Italy, mostly men. Where to buy jewelry as gifts on special occasions. The man who began by looking for changes in purchasing behavior of luxury goods are worth the money spent. For example. Packets that can travel with the two lovers, rather than used alone. The purchase of jewelry has changed in women as well, that is, buyers are more women than ever before to buy for yourself. As the trade association reported. Women who are more likely to use their budget to buy less, and often buy goods in the shopping day.
- The number of married couples in Italy due to economic uncertainties and rising living costs (rent, fuel oil costs. And other goods) from the statistics of Eurostat reported that the pair married in Italy fell from 257,000 pairs in 2547 to 242,000 pairs in 2551.
5. Retailers in Italy. - According to the trade group in Italy ASSIOR retail specialist with more than 2 in 3 of the retail trade in Italy. However, a jewelry shop network to market. While other shops in the market to expand even more. ROCCA, including network affiliates in markets with high level of Damiani jewelry and imitation jewelry Morellato group.
- The importance of supermarkets in the distribution of goods, jewelry, Italian is quite small compared to other European Union countries. Italian market, no shopping malls and exclusive, like Harrods or Magazine La Fayette, but the store is limited mostly to the north sold moderately and La Rinascete, Upim and Coin, and the successful sale of imitation jewelry. I was so focused on the sale of imitation jewelry and jewelry.
- Internet retailing has not been a major channel of distribution. Italians popular as consumers buy products with the location of a local identity over Many consumers lack confidence in buying jewelry from a store on the Internet. This is due to a lack of trust in security systems, and often heard that the buyer receives counterfeit goods. From purchasing over the Internet. Consumers prefer to touch, and the jewelry they are buying more than before.
6. To compete in the market. - In 2552 Bulgari jewelry is a market leader in Italy. The reputation of the product to several groups in the second Damiani. As famous for its jewelry.
- Imitation jewelry company with a group of Italians, as well as the market leader Breil Breil and Morellato Morellato and offer new products. The two pioneers in the production. And silver jewelry products are designed to Guess clothing company, from the United States. Has expanded its product lines and increased sales of jewelry. Jewelry, watches and fashion design for more than a year after the year 2552 Guess ranked second with 18% market share in artificial jewelry.
- Marketing plays a vital role in increasing the market share of imitation jewelry. - The initiative is another key factor to success in Breil Jewellery Group has announced that it will launch a new product that can change the way you wear in a variety of formats, such as a necklace, a bracelet from the waist. This product's target audience is women, young and famous because of the plastic raw material, mainly the price that a buyer can buy them on the other hand Guess the product of copper production by manufacturers of handicrafts in Local only 2-3 and not many sales.
- An international group of companies in Italy and Richemont, which sells brands such as Cartier jewelry industry's leading manufacturers, while the Italians. The family business in the industry and artificial jewelry such as Damiani, Pianegonda, Binda Group (Breil), which built its reputation on the international level.
- In 2552 Breil has announced the purchase of the property clock Geneva. And trying to break into the U.S. market. The increase in foreign trade in 2551 Damiani Acquires Rocca, a network. Retail jewelry Italians to strengthen the company's expansion in the vertical and the Rocca stores 22 stores in Italy and Switzerland.
7. Forecasted market trends. - Euromonitor predicts that sales growth of +2.3% jewelry worth 3.3 billion euros in 2557 due to the economic recovery of Italy, evidenced by declining inflation and consumer confidence increased. will stimulate demand in the jewelry market, Italy.
- I expect buyers to the buying jewelry as gifts to other products available that can be shared. The decline in marriage rates, causing a negative impact on the growth of diamond jewelry, especially rings.
- Your brand image is important in high-level jewelry with the leading brands in the market share increase. And is expected to continue growing. Based on the share of non-branded accessories.
- The buyer, however, that women in Italy who loves to buy jewelry, artificial fashion continues. The more you buy pieces that are designed to look at the ingredients. In addition, imitation jewelry and imitation jewelry made from materials such as metal, wood, copper and brass are expected to become increasingly popular as well.

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